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Why taking action creates success

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Inaction breeds discouragement.

When in doubt, take massive action!

action brings confidence

“when you don't know what to do, do anything. when you are unsure of which is the next step, take a step. ”

Anytime one finds themselves in a place of uncertainty and indecision, know that often you cannot see beyond the first step. Taking that step no matter if it is a perfect step or not is most crucial to see further.

Either you find that the action you have taken is valid and points you in the direction you wish to go, or you find the action invalid and know more clearly that your direction must shift in order for you to find success. As you take more actions, you become more sure of yourself, and more confident in your decisions.

massive action

Sometimes when you run into a roadblock in your personal endeavors, a single step forward isn't enough to break through that block. Taking massive action or multiple actions can get you moving and out of your rut, so to speak. You will find that even if the actions are imperfect and do not move you with precision towards the your goals, massive action will indeed GET YOU MOVING. Which when you once again begin moving it becomes much easier to see the roadblocks in front of you, allowing you to more clearly navigate your path.

Action is yours to define

“Be yourself, take action that is unique to you.”

“Be yourself, take action that is unique to you.” Understand that you have the unique and sole answer to your own problems. It requires that you look within, to your sub-conscious mind for the answer. You will know as ideas begin to surface which is the answer to your current issue because it will seem like the most clear, the most obvious, and it will look like the most effective answer. Follow it! Even if it seems absurd...

Get Inspired

Action is the key that opens the door to new inspiration, new ideas, and new beginnings.

do not allow the paralyzing effects of inaction and procrastination to cripple your progress towards your dreams and goals. Lack of action and therefore progress is the #1 destroyer of dreams. If you are feeling uninspired, unmotivated and unsure, take action now to turn the flow of ideas back into your favor. If you are hesitant still, and unsure reach out for help. I can get you pointed and focused in the direction you have only dreamed about to this point.

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