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Time for a change

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

When you make a positive change in your life, there will inevitably come a feeling of displacement or a “fish out of water experience” this is normal and should be viewed as a step in the right direction. You cannot remain who you were and become who you want to be.

Positive change: No person is exempt from change in life. You can either be in control of the changes you make in your life, or change will come to you and push you in directions you are not prepared for, and possibly even not interested in. Inability to change causes stagnation and discord within a person and can be a source of frustration, anger and personal dissatisfaction.

“The fastest way to change your outside world is to change your inside world first.”

becoming a change maker

What kind of a person are you? Are you a person who lets the circumstances of life dictate your achievements, your happiness, your prosperity, your wealth? Surely you have read stories or know of individuals who have made massive achievements in their own lives and shine their example for all to see. Rags to riches stories are always inspiring and even fun to read. Do we allow them to stop there in their story form? Or rather could we use them for motivation and inspiration to make changes and improve our own situation and results in life? The choice then is yours. Are you a person who is a change maker? Do you make calculated and inspired changes in your own life? Do you inspire change in others?

Take control of your life. Make the changes necessary to live your best life. You are the one who is in control of your own destiny. Don't let the doubts and insecurities you are currently facing overcome the true desires of your heart. Don't let discouragement set in and disable your abilities to make positive change in your life.

Decide to make a change and which change to make first. Become a change maker! Not only for yourself and those in your immediate proximity, but as you make positive changes, and become a change maker, you will inspire many others to make positive lasting change as well.

Who will you inspire? Family? Friends? Spouse? Children? THE WORLD? The possibilities are endless and only depend on one little decision of yours..... to make change.

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