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Getting your story straight...

What stories are running your life? How can you change the story in your head?


You see, one thing they don't teach you in school is that what you think about most and the stories that roll through your mind on a daily basis actually shape and define your life.

WOW! If only that little tidbit of knowledge would have been taught to me at an earlier age. It would have made things in my life at a younger age much easier. Here's a few tips for you to uncover your #story and begin to govern the results in your life with precision and confidence.

Tip #1 - uncover your current story

You might be new to the idea of a story or stories in your life. particularly Stories that impact your results.

To uncover a story in your life simply look at the results you are getting in an area of your life. Let's use Money to get the point across. In regards to money you are getting a certain result. Either through your job or business you are doing good or you are doing poorly. You are getting a result. Whatever the result is and your level of satisfaction with it will give you an idea of the story you have going on in regards to money...

Tip #2 - The Story

Once you have an idea of the story running through your head you now have an amazing opportunity to improve that story. Let's assume that your current results are less than desirable. Think about money. making money, spending money, the things you want but don't have. As you think of these things pay attention to any negative thoughts, unproductive thoughts, limiting thoughts, old ideals and beliefs etc. These are comprising your story and limiting your results. Pay attention as you will need to begin shifting those thoughts, ideals, and beliefs to be more positive and productive. Even more precise. "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he".

Tip #3 -the recipe for "story" success

The thoughts you allow and cultivate on a daily basis can and do influence change in your story. You are the Chef, your thoughts are the ingredients of your life. What Are you Mixing? Your current results are the Entre.

Tip #4 - Guard your thoughts

This is crucial. Imagine an old style balance scale. With a balance rod centered and a hanging dish on each side. Imagine placing your thoughts each day on the scale, positive and constructive on one side, negative and destructive on the other. How much is your scale leaning by noon each day? Which direction? Take an accounting of your thoughts through out each day, and start shifting the scale to the more positive side.

Tip #5 - write a new story

Decide upon some new dreams, desires, goals, or aspirations and write a story about them. Write them as if you already were enjoying them. Implant that new story into your mind and start working towards its fruition and its only a matter of time before you have it.

Know where you are and where you're going

If you know where you are and where you are going, all that is left is working out the path, or the steps necessary to to get there. If you are not where you wanted to be, or need help getting where you want to go reach out. I'd love to help get you going.

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